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Not sure how to get your family organized? Renovating your home, but don’t quite know where to start? Or is preparing for your first day on the job getting you a little anxious?

Well, P-touch labellers are a great start to helping you accomplish your goals – whatever they are – because labelling does matter!

Labels When Starting a New Job | Brother Canada

Want to make a great first impression at your new job? P-touch labels can help because when you’re organized, you’re on top of it. Let labelling give you a boost in your new job and be great right out of the gate!

Label folders so you can identify documents and projects. Use colour coding to locate things more quickly with protective, laminated labels.

Preparing for a big meeting? What better way to make an impact than with neatly labelled presentation materials?

And if you’re travelling for work, label your bags and company property with contact information for peace of mind while you’re on the go.

Labels For Your Wedding Day | Brother Canada

Preparing for your wedding is a happy, but overwhelming time. P-touch labels can help you stay on top of the planning, so nothing falls between the cracks. You’re going to have lots of paperwork to keep track of and a planner with labelled tabs is a great way to keep it organized in one place. P-touch labels are also a creative way to make your own affordable place cards and favours.

Labels For Moving Day | Brother Canada

Moving into a new home is exciting, but if you’re not on top of your game, it’s easy to get lost in the process. Label moving boxes by what’s in them and where they go. Identify shelves, closets, drawers and other storage areas to help make it easier to find what you’re looking for. Make the most of your new space with a P-touch labeller.

Labels For Your Family | Brother Canada

For school, jackets, backpacks, water bottles and sippy cups need labels so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Jammies, t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, towels – let nothing escape your labelling imagination for camp and you’ll be even happier when your little campers come home with everything you’d packed.

Labels For Home Improvement | Brother Canada

Grab a P-touch labeller for your home reno project! Organize your design and decorating clippings in folders labelled for each part of the project. To ensure you don’t mix up your sky blue from your powder blue paint, label the cans. Building a home theatre? Reduce cable connection chaos by identifying wires and such. P-touch labels will help you keep it together!

Labels For Your New Business | Brother Canada

When you want to be productive, you have to be organized. Don’t let looking for stuff slow you down – label it!

Create a professional image from day one. Starting out as your own boss is a daunting task for some. The details are yours to manage. P-touch labels can help. Whether it’s signage, name tags, tools or packaging, your good name depends on the neat appearance a P-touch label can help create. Use P‑touch labels to organize your files, tools, equipment and workspace to help ensure nothing important falls by the wayside.

Labels For New Hobby | Brother Canada

Enjoying your leisure time made easy. A new hobby is an exciting way to spend some of your free time. Interested in crafting? You’re going to have plenty of supplies. Label materials and storage containers to help located things in a flash. On a culinary kick? Label spices so you don’t ruin a dish by mistaking heat for sweet. Taking up a new sport? Label equipment with your name to help protect your investment!

Labels For Travelling | Brother Canada

Embarking on a journey is really exciting and using P-touch labels will help keep you organized while you’re on the go. Luggage, documents case, snorkelling gear, containers, bottles, medication – everything can be labelled for easy identification and access.

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