ScanNCut Cutting Machine & Scanner with Wireless Capabilities

If you were excited about ScanNCut before, you will definitely be amazed by it now! Presenting ScanNCut2, with fantastic new features that will take your cutting and crafting to a whole new level.
  • Colour Touch Screen Display: large 4.85" screen for easier editing.
  • 300 DPI Built-in Scanner: create your own cut files.
  • Stand-alone Use: built-in designs and fonts, no fees, no subscriptions.
  • SVG Data Readability: use your own art files! No need to buy any others.
  • ScanNCutCanvas: free cloud-based web application for editing and designing cut data (visit
  • Precision Cutting: german carbide blade, Japan design quality.
  • Wireless Network Ready: ScanNCut2 Online – transfer files with ease (ScanNCut2 Online Activation Card required, not included).
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Regular Price: $399.99

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