Why Buy Refurbished Brother Products?
  • Because it makes great sense and cents. When you buy a refurbished Brother product direct from Brother.ca, you get really great deals on really great, genuine Brother products.
  • You get the peace of mind knowing that we refurbish each and every unit extremely carefully, with the most stringent quality control process possible.
  • We ensure the optimal performance of each refurbished Brother product before we’ll even sell it to you.
  • We believe so strongly in the quality of our refurbished products that we cover them under the same limited warranty as new Brother products!
  • And…last but not least, we’ll provide technical support for the life of your refurbished Brother product.
Buy refurbished Brother printers, fax machines, sewing and embroidery machines and more, direct from Brother.ca …. ‘cuz everything old really is new again!

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